Flight CPU meter

1. Overview

This software is a CPU meter whose face is designed like the appearance of the EICAS display in cockpits of the Boeing airplanes.

2. Environment

The computers running Microsoft .net framework 4.

3. Download

Downloads are available from here.

4. Source codes

The source codes of this application are available from here.

This software partially utilizes the WPF ColorPicker Custom Control Sample which is under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

5. Installation and launch

An installer is not attached. Please put the following files to suitable location.

Then, double click the "CpuMeterApp.exe" in order to launch the application.

6. Functions

6.1. Change the face design

Right click the window, and select the "Setting." Then the setting dialog appears. The following items can be customized.

a) Number of rows of meters.

b) Update interval of information display.

c) Smooth (check box)

If checked, movement of meters become smooth by interpolation. However, the smooth setting consumes some CPU resources.

d) Display contents

This selects information kind displayed for each meter. The following items are available.

Displays amount of consuming physical memory.

Displays the total amount of CPU resources available on computer.

This becomes 100% on perfectly idle periods.

Displays the total amount of CPU resources consuming on computer.

This becomes 0% on perfectly idle periods.

Displays CPU consumption ratio in percent of each core.

e)Background color

Selects color of window. Transparency is also localizable.

6.2. Always on top

Right click the window, and select the "Always on top."

6.3. Exit

Right click the window, and select the "Exit."

7. Save of settings

The application saves settings by creating file as "settings.xml." The file locates the folder below.


For uninstallation, please remove the above "CpuMeterApp" folder by hand.

8. History

2011/01/21 Version 1.0 The first issue

9. Disclaimer

The author does not compensate any possible harms caused by this application.

Only those who have agreed this have the right to use this application.

10. Contact to author

Yousuke NARUSE